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​Was a traveling poet before becoming a slime!?Good at shooting and piano!And also has awesome practical ability! Meet her on YouTube now~

直播TAG #Nurive

繪圖TAG #Nurart

成人TAG #Nur34

NURA is a VTuber

The main language is Chinese

Occasional content in Japanese and English

​ is best known for its piano live broadcast

and superb game played

Has short bright red hair with blue highlights

And there is a piano-patterned hair accessory

pinned to her bangs

The bright red jacket with the words on the sleeves

has become the biggest memory point

Short sleeves under jacket with signature slime graphic

One-piece wrap-around clothing

Confident figure and charm

The buttons on the shorts are always in an unbuttoned state, which has become a major feature

Nothing better reveals a slime's race than the shoes on its feet

Liquid-like touch and changeable shape

Definitely the greatest pride of being a slime

Story comic

Recent stream

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